Wednesday, July 13, 2016

3 Reasons Why We Continue With A Shitty Job

My job sucks! It is a line that all of us have said at least once in life. Or maybe twice. Okay, that is an understatement. We say it almost every day except the day when salary is credited in the account. But the question is - if it is that bad, why we are still here? And, there are many interesting answers to that question.

It is a common fact that quitting a job is much harder than cursing it. But, there are usually three reasons why we continue with a shitty job.

1.       Parents – According to our parents, it is illegal for us to sit around all day and watch TV. And, they never not hesitate to punish us for it. Even if we say ‘Its SUNDAY MOM’. So, no matter how shitty our job is, it certainly cannot be worse than sitting around the house all day, watching TV and getting harassed for it.

2.       Money – Let’s face it. Money is the ‘fevicol’ factor that keeps you glued to your job. We need money. Who doesn’t? And nothing can beat the happiness of seeing your salary account full of salary (no matter how less you think it is).

3.       Colleague – A cute/hot colleague in office is probably the reason why many continue with their shitty jobs. Everyone needs inspiration. And a cute guy or girl can surely make your day shine brighter than normal.

So, if you are too crawling your way through a job, where you are not appreciated, then it might be the time when you quit it. No matter how cute your colleague is, quit it. But, find another job first. After all, you do not want to lose the regular cash flow or worse, get hassled for staying at home for a few days.